How to become a good essay writer

To become a good essay writer of course one needs to practice a lot. However, the major secret to becoming a good essay writer is to practice the right technique. This article highlights the key steps that underpin the right technique for writing a good essay. The key steps of writing a good essay are not limited to academic writing, they can also be useful while writing speeches, music, videogames, screenplays, report, and website content among others. These key steps to become a good essay writer are as follows;

Understand your assignment

The first step on how to become a good essay writer is to understand your assignment. To become a good essay writer, one is required to focus more on understanding the assignment clearly by taking the initiative of discussing with the instructor to clarify anticipations of the assignment, visiting authority experts to get their view of the assignment, and contacting an author for their advice. Simultaneously, a good essay writer requires to be clear of the basic structure of a good essay. As a rule of thumb regardless of length, a good essay starts with an introduction with a thesis statement, a few body paragraphs that support the thesis statement/ discuss research findings, and a conclusion.

Start with pre-writing tasks

To become a good essay writer it is essential to start with pre-writing tasks. The major task during this step is primarily planning. A good essay writer requires to be crystal clear of the essay submission deadline. To become a good essay writer, it is very important that you prioritize the activities and stick to the plan. Moreover, a good essay writer also gathers up necessary materials like handouts on the assignments, assignment scoring rulebook, and sample paper the instructor considers a good essay if available. 

Think about and research your topic

Fundamentally a good essay writer thinks about what they are required to achieve. To become a good essay writer it is vital to take a break so as one can focus the attention on the topic they are to write about. During this step, a good essay writer explores the topic through various methods, such as brainstorming, mind mapping, and rapid writing. Thinking about the topic allows a good essay writer to evaluate the topic, whether it would require to expand or limiting to focus satisfactorily on the specific area. Additionally, a good essay writer undertakes some research on the given topic to help unearth the necessary evidence to support or counter your thesis. A good essay writer is very thorough with the research to find relevant information others had said about the given topic, does new data exist? How would it affect their position? 


Organize your ideas in groups

During this step, a good essay writer organizes the ideas that came up during brainstorming or mind-mapping sessions. A good essay writer tries to establish the existing relationships, between the identified ideas putting them into groups. For instance, groups of event ideas are established chronologically, that is which happened first, second, and so on. For ideas effects, establish groups on how the topic affects a family, society, and a region. For a good essay, one can now use these groups as an outline for developing the first draft. 

Analyze and organize 

During this step, a good essay writer analyzes and organizes the ideas within the groups. A good essay writer tries to establish relationships between these groups. How does one group relate to another? Are there links between these groups or can links be created? At this stage gaps and connections of ideas start to emerge and possible conclusions become evident.

Write the first draft of each paragraph

In this step a good essay writer, write each paragraph separately on a piece of paper from the previously established groups. During this exercise, a good essay writer is at liberty to edit sentences and add more descriptive words. Additionally, a good essay writer includes new suitable ideas and excludes unsuitable ones. Once the first paragraph is done the other paragraphs are written in the same style. 

Develop the introduction

Most good essay writers write the introduction after the main body is written as it gives them a clearer picture of the topic issue. That way it allows the good essay writers to come up with a more appealing introduction with a sentence stating the main purpose of the essay and a sentence to prove that your position holds. At the same time, a good essay writer connives these sentences to grab and retain the attention of the readers. 

In the case of a synthesis and analysis essay, where a lot of information, arguments, and proof are dealt with a good essay writer in the introduction usually introduces the topic by giving background information and stating the thesis statement. The number of paragraphs used is dependent on the length of the essay or the intricacy of the issue. 

Develop the conclusion

This step comes last for most good essay writers. A good essay writer uses the conclusion to prove the thesis by fastening all the issues raised in the essay together. On one hand, a good essay writer utilizes the conclusion to directly join the thesis with all the key evidence examined in the body of the essay to show how the argument or research was proved or disapproved. While on the other hand, a good essay writer uses the conclusion to remind the reader of the issue the essay tackled. 

Final edit

The final edit is usually the last stage of essay writing. A good essay writer revises the essay first. In revision a good essay writer deals with the content of the essay, where new information could be slotted in, some information could be found irrelevant and hence deleted, and alteration of the sequence essay

Editing and proofreading come last whereas a good essay writer mostly changes words and phrases to alter the tone. At this step, a good essay writer attempts to achieve a more clear essay where the reader will understand and appreciate what the writer is intending to prove. A good essay writer could also submit a draft essay copy to the instructor for suggestions that can be incorporated in the final essay copy.

In the case of the synthesis and analysis essay, a good essay writer edits it in portions. While editing a portion a good essay writer is likely to revise and edit at the same time saving time.