#1 Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Here, the interviewer desires to understand both your short and long-term goals. They also want to see how the role you applied for will fit into these goals. As such, you must explain how you plan to evolve in the long run. It would be a great idea to explain how your previous career roles have helped you to be the person you are.


#2 What would you consider as your strengths and weaknesses

This can be an enormous stumbling block if you aren’t well prepared for the interview.  You must avoid bragging when explaining your strengths. Be keen to identify three major attributes that the employer is looking for in the job description then give a few examples.


Don’t be negative about your weaknesses. Instead, explain your weaknesses as if they are your areas of improvement. Explain the skills you are gaining to deal with the weaknesses.


#3 Why should we consider you for this job?

Treat this question like the precious opportunity you’ve been looking for to demonstrate why you need the job. Tell the interviewer what makes you a perfect fit for the slot. Emphasize on the qualities that set you apart from the crowd. Take your time to reveal how you will contribute to the company’s growth in terms of your personality, experience and enthusiasm.  Make the job description your point of reference.


#4 Who are you/ Tell me about yourself

This may seem like a simple question in the interview room. However, it is the toughest for most jobseekers. Here, the employer wants to get your first impression. Be keen not to share too much or too little information when answering this question. Know your CV then start with your highest qualification as you run through your working experience. Ensure that your answer is direct to the point and as brief as possible.


# 5 What are your salary expectations

It is advisable to avoid salary discussions in the interview room. However, your employer will ask this question just to get your value. You only need to tell the interviewer that you are willing to be flexible as you confirm that you value the position you have applied for. Problems may arise from your salary expectations if your quotation is too low or far higher than what the employer is willing to offer. Remember to reinforce that you are the best fit for the job.