Whether you are a professional with an established career, or a student seeking to explore the upper cadre of your career, having the knowledge that plagiarism is an offense is just enough to keep you safe as you explore the great opportunities that your field offers.


In essence, plagiarism is a heinous act that involves using other people’s works as your own for some sort of gain or benefit. A part from its unethical nature, plagiarism can be very detrimental to your web page content as it will damage its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the way Google will assess and rank the content you post on your site.


For instance, an act of plagiarism would involve accessing a web page that presents content on the topic you desire to cover, then steal the information with the “copy and paste” fashion and adopt it as your own.


Whether you are writing your academic papers or a piece of online content (for a website or blog),  it is always advisable to ensure that the pieces of information you are presenting meet the measures of uniqueness and do not appear anywhere else on the internet as someone else’s.


Similarly, if you are contented that the information you have written is unique to you, it will never harm to give it a second thought and check to ensure that it has not been plagiarized. Plagiarism checking helps you maintain some degrees of assurance that everything is okay, and you are in control of your work.


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