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Online writing companies provide the platform upon which clients can have their assignments done for them. With the appropriate pool of experts, our company will allow you to have your work done for you by professionals. Assessment is a core part of the learning process because it allows educators to measure the extent to which the goals and objectives of a particular course or unit have been achieved or not. Both formative and summative assessments have been largely used for purposes of assessments. A common assessment method is the use of assignments.


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An assignment is a piece of work or task given to someone as part of achieving a larger objective. In school, successful completion of most of the courses will require students to complete classwork. Depending on the course, the number of exercises may vary. For each assignment, a student will be expected to work based on a set of instructions which have to be followed for the work to be considered relevant. Thus, completing an assignment is part of school work.


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Thesis Proposal Content That You Should Include When Writing at University Level

We can provide you with a high quality English thesis proposal that meets your student’s needs in every field of study.

Why a Ph.D. Thesis Proposal Should be Unique and Exceptional

One of the learning outcomes in university education is the ability to conduct independent research that addresses a particular issue of concern or solves a pertinent problem in the society. In almost all courses in the university, students will be required to conduct research of various levels. The ability of students to conduct research is not only important for their school life but also their future. A thesis proposal is the first step in a student’s research journey. The proposal acts as an outline for a possible research project.


In most of the cases, students are introduced to research making in their final years of university education. In higher levels of education such as Masters and Ph.D., conducting research is part of the learning process. At these levels, students will often be required to complete individual research projects that may determine whether they complete the course or not. The proposal sets off the research process by outlining a possible research area that can be discussed and the procedure to be used for answering the chosen research questions. For postgraduate students,the length and format of the proposal varies with the institution and the course.

An English thesis proposal is often meant for potential supervisors, school admission, research funders or mandatory requirement for university graduation. Irrespective of the purpose of the proposals, they are often designed to assess the ability of the student to show quality and originality in developing ideas, skills and critical thinking needed for conducting a research project. For Ph.D. students, a proposal is mandatory, and the concept is often needed even before starting the programme. Research proposals may also be used to assess the level of expertise a person may have in a particular research area.

Why Ph.D. Papers Differ from Undergraduate Papers

For most postgraduate students, these proposals are used to communicate the students’research passion in a particular subject area and to make a convincing argument about the feasibility of their research projects. The structure of a research proposal varies with the institution, faculty and department. Thus, you must be very careful with formatting to ensure that the format of your proposal is aligned with the specific requirements of your course. In most of the cases, departments provide specific templates that you would be required to use when writing the proposal.However, the standard proposal format will include introduction, literature review and methodology sections. The specific subsections to be included under each section may vary depending on the course.


The complexity and length of the proposal may also change depending on the level of education. For instance, it is expected that proposals for master’s level are often less complex compared to those for Ph.D. and post-doctorate levels. A master thesis proposal is designed to help the student complete a research project for Master’s level of education. In most of the cases, the student will be required to find a suitable research area and chose a topic of interests after conducting extensive literature review to identify a possible research gap that can be filled with the intended research.

In most of the cases, master’s students are often required to write proposal after completing their coursework. Thus, the research project plus the assessments during the course work will be used to determine if the student has completed the course or not. This may be slightly different for Ph.D. students. In as much as the formats for the proposal may be the same for a Master’s student and a Ph.D. student, it is expected that the proposal for Ph.D. level will be more in-depth, longer and complex with broader objectives.

In most of the cases, a Ph.D. thesis proposal is written before coursework. Ph.D. will be required to write proposals before admission for the specific Ph.D. course. In this context, the proposal will not only be used to assess the student’s ability to understand the subject matter but will also be used to find appropriate supervisors for the student. In fact, before enrolling for a Ph.D. program, it is mandatory for you to have a feasible research proposal outlining what you would be working on once you get the admission. It is on this basis that one is required to show greater skills when developing research proposal for Ph.D. level.

Do You Know the Ingredient to Academic Success in University?

The inability of students to write good research proposals has been a major pitfall that has denied many students an admission to a Ph.D. course. Some of the things to keep in mind for you to avoid such pitfall include ensuring that your research problem or issue to be addressed is clearly stated and based on a predetermined research gap. Many students often fail to put enough time into conducting research and identifying a research gap that they may fill with their research.This often is quite problematic, especially when developing your research problem.


You also need to ensure that you have potential supervisors who can work with you throughout your project. For a Ph.D. course, the ability to get a supervisor is of great value. You may have a great research topic, but without a supervisor chances are high that you will not get the opportunity. Therefore, be sure to conduct enough research on the staff interested in your subject area.

The other key point is to write a good proposal. Be sure to write a high-quality proposal that meets the criteria for a Ph.D. level research project. At this level, issues such as grammatical errors, typos, referencing issues and poor proposal structure are unacceptable. Also, remember to ensure that your research project is feasible and reasonable. Most students have failed to get a Ph.D. admissions simply because the scope of their projects were unreasonable.Pick a research project that can be done based on the resources and time you have. Do not be over-ambitious!

For some people, addressing these issues and ensuring that you have a good research proposal maybe challenging. If you are among these people, it is clear that you need help from professional writing companies. You need to get help from a thesis proposal writing service that is legitimate and reliable. Before choosing a company that will help you write your research proposal and subsequent project, do your research. You seek our services because:

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Best Thesis Writing Service

Many students have successfully used professional writing services for their assignments, coursework tests, reports, and proposal, among other academic works. We are one of the top companies offering professional academic help services to students and other clients across the world. If you need help with writing a thesis proposal, we have a team of professional experts who are skilled and experienced to handle your work. Each of our many experts have specialized in specific fields of study. Thus, we have always ensured that our client’s work is done by a specialist who is an expert that particular field. This is to ensure the richness in content and quality of the work remains high quality.

As an established company, we understand the nature and standards of work required for Master’s and Ph.D. level education. As such, we guarantee you that the proposal will be of very high quality.In support of this, we also offer free revision services in which our experts will always be willing to revise your work as many times as you need as long as the work meets the required standards. We have always ensured satisfaction guarantee for all our clients. When buying a service from our company, be assured that your personal information will remain private and confidential.

In addition to these benefits, our team of experts is qualified to deliver a paper that is plagiarism-free. In academic world, originality is of great value. When writing a proposal, it is important to ensure that the work reflects the student’s original work. Our experts understand the need to always reference any source retrieved from outside. Appropriate referencing ensures that the proposal is plagiarism-free. We also have a team of experts who can work on a variety of fields. Thus, regardless of your field of study, you will always get a specialist who can handle your work.

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Annotated Bibliography Done in 5 Easy Steps That You Must Know

Rather than write a regular bibliography, you can write an annotated reference list. A MLA annotated bibliography is a list of sources that provides brief information on the sources.

Do You Want to Know an Extraordinary APA Annotated Bibliography Includes?

For any academic work, you have to seek more information from reliable sources of information that includes books and journal articles that are current. In most of the cases, scholars choose the comprehensive literature review that examines a large number of sources that can be used for writing a paper. The value of literature reviews is that they allow researchers to develop a wider understanding of their subject area. In addition, the collected sources allow researchers to identify gaps in research that can be filled with their study. An annotated bibliography is a type of literature review that not only outlines the relevant sources to be used for writing a paper but also provide brief information on the sources and how they will be used to develop the paper.

When preparing to write an assignment, paper or dissertation, you will be required to find information from reliable sources that can be used for developing the paper. In most cases, the researchers are expected to look for journal articles and books that can provide background information and support for your work. Writing annotations for these sources allows you to understand each of the sources and how they will be used in developing the paper. In addition, the annotations allow you to organize the sources in terms of relevance. You will be able to know which sources are more relevant to you than others. In most of the cases, you are required to write the citations followed by short descriptions that summarize the main information on the source and the value of the source of your work.

When writing annotations for various sources used in writing your thesis or dissertation, the ability to read and critically analyze these sources is of great value. Unlike ordinary reading where you would just go through the materials collected, critical reading allows you to read between the lines. You want to make sure that you understand what you are reading and are able to note the key points or main message from the material. Formatting is the other important issue to consider when writing these types of papers.


For instance, a MLA annotated bibliography has to follow the standard guidelines of writing mla papers. The reference has to be written in mla format and remember to indent annotations so that they indentation is hanging. However, depending on your school, faculty, department or instructor’s instructions, the format of these annotations may vary significantly. Nevertheless, you need to get the skills right. You have to read through the material before you can decide whether it would be of value to your writing or not.

Similarly, an apa annotated bibliography follows the standard apa rules. The reference has to be written based on apa guidelines followed by a summary of the article, an evaluation of the article and a reflection on the applicability of the article. There is a significant amount of information on APA formatting and style which you can check and familiarize with before writing your annotations. This will ensure that your annotated reference list is appropriate and written as per the required specifications. The style of the annotations may also correspond to the style you are using for your paper. It is uncommon for people writing papers in APA to write annotation in MLA or any other format. Before writing your annotation, be you have to be sure about the format required.

Annotations may also vary depending on the intended purpose. While some annotations may focus on summarizing a source, other may focus on assessing or evaluating the relevance of the source in writing a thesis or dissertation. However, in most cases, well written annotated bibliography essay focuses on all these main points. When writing your own annotation, you have to consider its purpose as well as your instructor’s instructions on what should be included in the annotations. The basic format of most annotations includes three paragraphs. The first paragraph is often a summary of the source being annotated that focuses on the main points of the article or book. The second paragraph is often an evaluation or assessment of the text. This section criticizes the text and examines its strengths and limitations.

The third paragraph is often a personal reflection of the source. This paragraph also provides information about the applicability of the source in your research or subject area. Despite the complexities such as formatting issues, style and purpose which are specific to every annotation, there is always help. You can find an online annotated bibliography creator that can help you with the reference list. However, you would need to critically analyze the source on your own to determine whether it is relevant to your work or not. Even with the creator, you would still need to understand the basics when it comes to writing these annotations.

Do You Know How to Write an Annotated Bibliography That is Unique

As noted earlier, writing an annotated bibliography is a critical skill that you need to learn.The skills will not only be important in completing your assignment and classwork but will also be on later in your life, especially for those people who will seek further education. The process of writing the annotations also varies with every school. Every institution has its own specifications on what to include in the annotations. Thus, check these requirements first before writing the annotations.

Best Annotated Biblography Service

There are many sources of information online on how to write an annotated bibliography. Each of these sources of information provides their own understanding of what annotations are and the best approaches for writing good annotations. However, the following easy steps can help you write a good annotation;

Firstly, you need to find and summarize the sources: The first step to writing a good annotated bibliography paper is to find current, relevant and reliable sources. With the appropriate sources of materials chosen, you can read through all these materials before making summaries of each material. You can take short notes while reading each source.

Secondly, write the citations; Depending on the format, you would need to write the citations for each source in the correct format. The list of references included in your work has to be written in alphabetical order. Depending on your approach, you can also organize the citations chronologically or by sub topic. Just ensure that all sources used are included in the reference list.

Thirdly, you need to write the summaries; The first paragraph is often the summary of the source. In this step, you write a summary of each source of references. The short notes taken earlier can be used for writing this section

Fourthly, you need to critically evaluate the source; While reading the source, you noted the core points and arguments. For a good annotated bibliography article, you need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the article. This critical analysis will help examine whether the source can be used for your topic or subject area. At this stage, you want to focus on the articles that will be of great value in your work.

Lastly, you need to write the reflection; After critically analyzing the sources, you would be better placed to know which information to use for your paper. In the reflection, you can give your personal opinion of the paper and how you are going to use the information from the source for your work.

In most of the cases, annotations will follow these basic steps in the order they appear in this paper. While in school, students are often required to an annotated bibliography assignment. Depending on the school, the assignment may be graded or not graded. Nevertheless, the ability to write good annotations can a huge difference between these students. It is expected that before being given such an assignment or work, your instructor would have taught you how to write these papers. Thus, this article acts as a reminder for those people who may have forgotten how to write these annotations.

For those having problems writing these annotations due to one reason or the other, we have got you covered. Our company offers annotated bibliography help for students and researchers who desire to have their paper, written for them by professional experts. We have a team of excellent writers who have specialized in different fields of research and are always ready to help you with your paper. Not only is our team qualified to write these types of papers but are also aware of the high-quality material needed for these papers. Do you want to write a good assignment or paper that will meet all academic standards? Here is a suggestion. Find our website and check out the services we offer before ordering a paper.

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Case Study Elements That You Must Include in Your Paper

A well-developed case study research and paper will help you you attract new customers and new clients to your business. Our company has a team of expert ready to help write such papers.

How to Write a Case Study So You’ll Amaze Your Reader

A case study is a written content, published by a company or business that showcases its efforts, successes, and effectiveness in dealing with a particular customer or client. In most of the cases, such published works are often used by a company as part of its marketing approaches and attempt to expand its market reach. When done properly, they can be valuable tools in helping the potential client understand how the business or company has excelled in previous years. As a self-congratulating content, these published works are supposed to be written as professional as possible. As a student, you would be required to write these kinds of papers for your classwork. We offer these services to students.By using a real-life example of a success story, these written works can be of great value in terms of marketing. New customers or clients want to associate with a company that has a proven track record for success. No one wants to work with a company that is known for failures. By using real-life examples to show a company’s success, it becomes easier to attract new clients and customer who believe that they will also share their own success stories with the company.

In school, especially in colleges and universities, you be required to write these case studies depending on the course. The first major point when writing these papers is research. A case study research is needed before you can start writing your paper. You have to conduct research and understand how these types of assignments are done and what to include in the paper. When your class assignment involves a real company, it is often possible that a company will have many success stories and examples of things it has done to help people. It is based on such information that you will write the assignment. You need to show where your company’s or business efforts were used to improve or help a person. Therefore, writing case studies is not an easy task, as many students would think. There is great material out there on how to write a case study. Each of these works provides different ways and approaches that one can use for writing such kinds of papers. Thus, with a good plan, you would be safe with such assignments.


Writing a case study is easy, especially is a student can understand the following steps. Firstly, you need an avenue for data. In this step, you need to identify an appropriate avenue for data. When it comes to writing these case studies, there are many examples to choose from. You have to be able to narrow down to a few cases or examples that will help you attain your objective or goal. An appropriate case for publication must contain the right information. Thus, from the word go, you need to find a way of selecting an example that best fits what you want. A good case example must contain a significant problem, a satisfactory solution and a series of potential benefits for a large number of clients

The second step involves writing your work. Whether to use first or third person when writing these case studies depends on your brand. Although the use of both approaches will work, consider using a voice that connects your brand to the intended audience. While writing the work, remember to include all the critical information. Before you start writing, you may want brainstorm and note down your main ideas. This will help to ensure all critical information is included in the paper.

The last step is to re-read the work and ensure it is free from mistakes and errors. Do you want to write a good piece that will make meet the academic standards of your institution? These skills are not only relevant in school but may also be important afterwards. Students are required to understand all these steps before writing a good paper because after completing school, you may want to start your own business. This is where writing such a paper will be of value in marketing your new business.

Different types of case studies are available out there. Depending on your subject area and intentions, there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether it is for business or marketing, case studies have been instrumental in helping companies, and business owners increase their reach and customer base.

Potential Advantages of a Business Case Study That You Cannot Afford to Miss

The success of any business venture relies on the ability of the business owner to showcase the potential results of that particular business. This is why you are required to learn these skills in school. A business case study, when done right can have a significant impact on your marketing efforts. Using this approach, you can draw new customers to your business and get access to new clients as well.For business owners, case studies present many advantages and benefits that you need to familiarize with. As a student, writing a good paper showcases your skills and proves that you undertstand the course materials and lessons.

In real life circumstances, case studies allow a company or business to use storytelling methods to increase awareness about their product. Whether you are offering a service or a consumer good, the use of case studies allows you to illustrate your product, bring it to life and increase its reach among customers. Like any great storybook, case studies have a beginning, the main body and an end, which may have a conflict or a resolution. Thus, when writing your class assignments, remember that case studies use storytelling to make complex products real and close to consumers. By using a storytelling approach, case studies allow people to connect with your product or service. Thus, in school, a case study assignment is often used to develop these writing skills among the students. It is expected that after completion of these assignments, the students will be better placed to write their case studies that are appropriate and high-quality.

The other advantage of case studies is that they offer great peer-to-peer influence. The fact that these stories talk about the company or its products from the perspective of the customers, it becomes easier for customers to connect directly with the product. The use of real-life examples creates a special connection between the company, its products and the customers. A customer who has read these case studies is more likely to feel more confident with the services or products offered by the company.Thus, you stand a better chance to attract more new customers.

Get the Marketing Case study That Will Attract New Customers for Your Business


A marketing case study is regarded as one of the best approaches to show potential customers your results and persuade them to work with you. In most of the cases, it is often used to highlight your main successes and strengths. For potential customers, investors or business partners, this type of written work helps you walk prospects through a story of how you used appropriate strategies to solve a particular problem and become successful at what you do while still be able to generate tangible results. Thus, marketing courses in colleges and unievrsities will often require you to write these types of case studies.

As noted earlier, case studies are important marketing tools and thus a must-know skill for students. Thus, you need to 100% sure that the content you are writing is appropriate, relevant and high quality. Our company provides such services at flexible rates. Our case study website allows you to order a paper that will be written by an expert in that particular field. One of the benefits our customers have felt is the fact that we have always prioritized our customers. As such, the quality of the work has always been very high, and we have always ensured that the needs of the clients are met. The fact that you can directly interact with the expert working on your paper means that the end product will be of very high quality.

Case studies are not restricted to business and marketing courses alone. Rather, many other fields use case studies to showcase a particular phenomenon. For instance, our case study sociology section deals with case studies in sociology and associated fields. We have experts from a variety of fields who can help you with your work. Besides, we have a secure platform that helps us keep your information private and confidential. Also, we partner with reliable financial institutions such as VISA to ensure that your financial transactions are safe. It is through our case study help section that you will get the chance to know more about how you can get help with your case studies.

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Paraphrasing Made Easier in Just 5 Steps That You Won’t Believe

Plagiarism is the greatest academic misconduct of all time. Avoid plagiarism when writing your academic work by using an appropriate paraphrasing app which we offer.

Get a Paraphrasing Tool That Will Give You a Similarity-Free Paper


The key to writing a plagiarism-free paper is paraphrasing. This is the art of writing a sentence in other words. Being able to paraphrase can make a huge difference in academic writing. In most of the cases, academic writing uses information from various outside sources to support your arguments. It is standard procedure in academic writing that you acknowledge your outside sources of information. This is usually in the form of references both within the text and at the end of your paper.

When collecting information from outside sources, you have to paraphrase every word. Failure to do so would result in a plagiarized paper. Most academic papers require you to use direct quotes and information minimally so that you avoid plagiarism. This is where the ability to paraphrase becomes handy. While writing the content in different ways, you must ensure that your sentences still have meaning. It is worthless to paraphrase your work and only end up with sentences that lack meaning. This would be devastating for your work.

When collecting information from outside sources, you have to paraphrase every word. Failure to do so would result in a plagiarized paper. Most academic papers require you to use direct quotes and information minimally so that you avoid plagiarism. This is where the ability to paraphrase becomes handy. While writing the content in different ways, you must ensure that your sentences still have meaning. It is worthless to paraphrase your work and only end up with sentences that lack meaning. ThiS would be devastating for your work.

However, you can use a paraphrasing app to ensure that your work is paraphrased properly.These apps are developed, such as when you paste your sentence, it is automatically paraphrased, and you can easily download it. You would still need to read through the work several times to ensure that it retains flow and meaning. Many apps and tools are available that allow students across the world to paraphrase their work well. Most of these tools are designed to allow you to get effective outputs for all types of documents you submit. There are several advantages to using our paraphrasing tool.

Our tool is easy to use. The app has been developed on a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily navigate and use the app. Thus, it favours everybody, including first-timers. Secondly, you will get a 100% original paper. The app is well developed using word generators that will provide you with a well-paraphrased paper. Be sure that with the app, you will be able to get a 100% plagiarism-free paper. Lastly, a wide variety of files accepted. Our tool has been developed to allow various types of files. You can upload DOC, DOX, PDF, and TXT files among others. This is crucial to allow clients to have a good experience with the app. The best paraphrasing tool will meet these criteria. Using such a tool will ensure that your paper is of very high quality and meets academic standards with regards to originality.

Easy Way to Get Your APA Paraphrasing Right

The ability to paraphrase is an important skill that you need to develop because it would be required for all your academic work and aligns to different writing formats. In APA paraphrasing, you would be required to write your paragraphs using synonyms and changed words but still retain the initial meaning. This whole process is similar to re-writing, whereby you are given a large text and required to rewrite everything. When done manually, rewriting can be a very difficult task. Imagine taking all the information on paper and expressing it differently! You would require a significant amount of vocabulary, research time, and a lot of hard work to pull it off. It would also take a lot of time to complete re-writing all the work.

Let’s assume you want to paraphrase a 1000-word paper manually. First, you would need to read the whole paper, conduct research to find all possible synonyms and vocabulary before you can start to write the paper.Imagine the amount of time this process would take you, and you are only re-writing a four-page paper. What if the number of pages to be re-written is more than 10? The work can be significant. Paraphrasing plagiarism has been made easier with all these online tools, websites, apps, and software at your disposal. However, you have to be careful with where you send your paper. You have to do your research to ensure that you are using the right tool or service.

Rewriting a piece of work has been a major problem for some people, especially when your schedule is tight and you do not have enough time to read papers, conduct research, and rewrite. For such students, writing a paper while still avoiding plagiarism has been problematic, especially given that you are always required to use additional outside sources for your work. Most students find themselves using direct information from outside sources, thus plagiarizing their work. If you have such problems, you try our paraphrasing service online. We not only provide you with an easy-to-use platform, but you will be able to paraphrase a lot of content in a few minutes. Our system is efficient and reliable, thus giving you a properly changed paper.

How You Can Easily Use a Paraphrasing Tool Online

The development of the internet was a game-changer in various fields, including academics.Today, you can things you could not imagine. For instance, you can use various online platforms to paraphrase your work accordingly. It is easy to use a paraphrasing tool online because most of these tools are developed to allow easy access and use by clients. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, you can open these tools and will be directed to a window that either allows you to copy-paste your work in the provided space or type directly into space. Therefore, you can choose to either just copy-paste your paragraphs into the input box provided, or you upload to directly upload papers from your computer. There is always a button you can click to initiate the process. When everything is complete, you can always download the paper and use it for your academic work.


Most online tools that are used to paraphrase depend on an automatic process built on a synonym changer framework. Thus, there are chances that some parts of your work or sentences may not be structured properly. Thus, after your work is completely paraphrased, ensure that you read through the paper and proofread to correct any grammatical and structural issues. The best paraphrasing is one that changes the paragraphs but still retains their initial meaning. The purpose is not to change the content of the work. Rather, it is meant to ensure that the work is less plagiarized but still has the content. Academic work may use the same topic again and again. Thus, you may find yourself writing content that is self-plagiarized because of the repetition of the topic. Besides, writing on the same topics again and again also lowers the quality and richness of the content. Therefore, you have to paraphrase your work every time, especially when you use information from outside sources.

The Best Paraphrasing Tool You Can Ever Get

As noted earlier, you can get access to a professional paraphrasing tool that will allow you to re-write your work in a new way but still retain the initial meaning. In most of the cases, these tools operate based on a word generator platform that will generate synonyms for words in your work. Our company understands the implications of plagiarism in your life. You may plagiarize a paper in your first year of college and think this is not a big deal! Such a perception is wrong and may have adverse effects on your life in school as well as future life outside school. It is against academic integrity and standards to copy someone else’s work without their permission. Essentially, this is what plagiarism means. Our paraphrasing site helps you avoid such mistakes by providing a platform that you can use to paraphrase all your academic work. You would be required to sign up for free to ensure a personalized experience with the site.

Before developing the tool, we realized that many students are struggling with avoiding plagiarism when writing the classwork. Ranging from workloads and loss of concentration while writing the problem of plagiarism persists among students across the world. We, therefore, developed a tool that can help students paraphrase their work before submission. We have the best paraphrasing software that will help you meet your academic goals, especially when writing an assignment, papers, and other academic work. The number of students who have used our tool is uncountable, and most of them have acknowledged its effectiveness and reliability. Before using our tool, we suggest that you read a lot about plagiarism and the effects it can have on your life. With an understanding of what plagiarism is, we believe you will like the services we offer.

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Most asked questions in an interview

You just landed a job interview for your dream job. Well, great to hear that! Now what? Remember, great things won’t come easy. You must go an extra mile to secure the position by convincing a panel of interviewers that you are the right person for the job.The interview room is the only place you can make an outstanding impression to your potential employer that you stand out from the crowd. Nonetheless, you must agree that no two job interviews will be identical. Nonetheless, there are certain interview questions you must encounter as a job seeker.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Here, the interviewer desires to understand both your short and long-term goals. They also want to see how the role you applied for will fit into these goals. As such, you must explain how you plan to evolve in the long run. It would be a great idea to explain how your previous career roles have helped you to be the person you are.

What would you consider as your strengths and weaknesses?

This can be an enormous stumbling block if you aren’t well prepared for the interview. You must avoid bragging when explaining your strengths. Be keen to identify three major attributes that the employer is looking for in the job description then give a few examples. Don’t be negative about your weaknesses. Instead, explain your weaknesses as if they are your areas of improvement. Explain the skills you are gaining to deal with the weaknesses.

Why should we consider you for this job?

Treat this question like the precious opportunity you’ve been looking for to demonstrate why you need the job. Tell the interviewer what makes you a perfect fit for the slot. Emphasize on the qualities that set you apart from the crowd. Take your time to reveal how you will contribute to the company’s growth in terms of your personality, experience and enthusiasm. Make the job description your point of reference.

Who are you/Tell me about yourself

This may seem like a simple question in the interview room. However, it is the toughest for most jobseekers. Here, the employer wants to get your first impression. Be keen not to share too much or too little information when answering this question. Know your CV then start with your highest qualification as you run through your working experience. Ensure that your answer is direct to the point and as brief as possible.

What are your salary expectations?

It is advisable to avoid salary discussions in the interview room. However, your employer will ask this question just to get your value. You only need to tell the interviewer that you are willing to be flexible as you confirm that you value the position you have applied for. Problems may arise from your salary expectations if your quotation is too low or far higher than what the employer is willing to offer. Remember to reinforce that you are the best fit for the job.